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07 Mar 2020 - 16 Mar 2020


10:00 am

KeyForge Prime Championship

Come along for your chance at some cool prizes, including an invite to the Keyforge World Championships.

All players are welcome
Event Format: Archon Adaptive
Price : $30
Check-In: 10:00AM for 11:00AM start

Top 16
Each player who places in the Top 16 will receive a pack of five blue acrylic stun tokens. These tokens will certainly come in handy, whether you’re using commonly played action cards like Tremor or Blinding Light, or using the abilities of creatures like Pip Pip or the mighty Zorg. Of course, you can also be on the receiving end of these effects, which may force you to use these tokens in less… ideal situations. Players in the Top 16 will also receive a crimson-colored deckbox with brand-new KeyForge artwork. These deckboxes also feature a designated area on the side of the deckbox where you can mark your deck’s factions.

Top 8 and Top 4
Players in the Top 8 will receive a playmat illustrating a nefarious looking creature that some inhabitants of the Crucible refer to simply as The Grim Reaper. Though not much is known about this ghastly entity, one thing is certain: it is dangerous and volatile. There have been recent claims about a number of disappearances, and The Grim Reaper is believed to be the cause. If spotted, this creature should not be trifled with under any circumstances! Furthermore, the players who manage to make their way into the Top 4 of a Prime Championship will receive a sizable deckbox that’s able to hold multiple Archon decks.

Regardless of which Archon claims victory in the end, both finalists receive a set of metal key tokens. The unforged side of these keys features the symbol of Prime Championships, denoting your impressive results at this competitive KeyForge event.

The player who earns the title of Prime Champion will win a playmat featuring artwork of a crackling dragon that’s surging with raw, unbridled power. This behemoth will have a profound impact on any other creature, and it’s sure to even instill fear in Archons. It’s even possible that this beast is solely responsible for the mayhem that has enveloped the surroundings. The Prime Champion will also receive an invitation to the KeyForge World Championship in the form of a Dominator Bauble! Truly a worthy reward for a player that dominated the competition.

For more information about our KeyForge tournaments, please click here!

Hourly Schedule

10:00am -
Check In
Check in opens at 10:00am, giving you an hour to prepare.
11:00am -
Tournament Play
The Tournament will commence at 11:00am, please ensure that you are checked in beforehand.

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