Adult's Pokémon TCG

What is KeyForge?

KeyForge is a Unique Deck game. This means that each deck you buy is unique and the only one in existence with the exact set of cards you receive. Decks can not be altered in any way, meaning there is no ‘Meta’ play, although certain cards do make decks more competitive. Decks contain 36 cards divided among 3 of a possible 7 ‘houses’ or factions. Games are less about competing and fighting your opponent, but rather racing them to forge 3 keys. This relies more on strategy in how you choose to play the cards in your deck, rather than brute strength of high powered creatures.

Weekly Casual Events

We hold weekly events every Thursday night, starting at 6:30 pm, although we ask for players to turn up earlier to sign into the tournament system and have everything in order to start. We mainly play the standard “BYO Deck” format, however at times we may play using an alternate format (such as sealed), if agreed upon by the community in the previous weeks. Entry fee is $5 to help contribute to prize support.

New to KeyForge?

That’s no issue, as our community are friendly and happy to help you learn this fun game. There is no need to worry about being a new player going up against more experienced players who have had time to master their decks. We use the official KeyForge tournament software, which applies handicaps to decks that have a winning record at store level, making it fairer for all players.

Helpful Resources

  • Neo-Tokyo KeyForge – The official Neo-Tokyo facebook group, connecting you to our local community. This can be used to help you keep on top of upcoming events as well keeping in touch with other players.
  • Neo-Tokyo Events – This is our events page, it has a calendar which contains all of our upcoming events. This is especially helpful for keeping an eye out for any competitive events, as they aren’t held on our usual Thursday nights.
  • KeyForge Master Vault – The official KeyForge page! It is used to record your decks as well as explore the decks of others. You can also find information on the rules of the game and competitive play.

For more information on any of our events, please do not hesitate to contact us!